Our Promise

Stone endures. That’s the reason builders have used since the dawn of time. Today, there’s a resurgence in building with stone not just for aesthetic reasons, but also for performance. For example, stone cladding, because of its density, is remarkably efficient at repelling rain, and equally effective at wicking away moisture that penetrates its surface.

Great stone masons understand this intuitively. They have been working long enough to know first hand which building practices and materials stand the test of time and which don’t. In a region that is prone to frequent seismic activity, that kind of knowledge is especially important. You want to know that the people working on your masterpiece are the best at what they do.

We believe that trust is at the center of every relationship we build. The product of our labour – cladding on a fine home, a restored heritage building, an elaborate landscape — is a legacy that will stand for generations. For that reason, we know it doesn’t pay to cut corners or take half measures. Mistakes last a long time. Nothing less than extraordinary. We don’t settle for it. Neither should you.